Williams & Richards was a private investigator firm.


Williams & Richards was owned and operated by Paul Williams and Andy Richards.

In 1986 at Williams & Richards, Andy and his team continued their search for Lauren Fenmore as Joanna Manning continued to worry about her daughter's disappearance. After she was fully recovered, Lauren submitted a nude photo of Paul to a woman's magazine. At the office, Paul walked in on Andy and Nathan Hastings glancing through a men's magazine. Meanwhile Lauren learns of Paul's win in the magazine sweepstakes. A feeble attempt of Lauren to stop the editors from publishing the photo is crushed when she hears that the price is $10,000 cash.

Lauren then tells Amy the surprising news who reminds her that Paul might not respond too well to a centerfold of him in major magazine. Amy Lewis and Nathan had to field phone calls as a result of Paul's new stardom.

In 1987, Andy decided to marry Farren Connor and move to Pittsburgh to be a family with her and Betsy Sanderson. Paul bought out Andy's partnership of the business and renamed it the Paul Williams Detective Agency.

Former Employees and Roles

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