Dr. Wesley Carter (also called Wes) was portrayed by Benjamin Watkins.


Wesley Carter was a psychiatrist.

In 2002, Drucilla Winters returned to Genoa City from Paris with her rebellious teenage daughter, Lily Winters. Dru's boyfriend Wesley appeared when Lily called him to take her and Dru back to Paris. Dru was surprised by Wesley's arrival. Wesley then met and introduced himself to Dru's ex-husband, Neil Winters, who was dealing with alcoholism. Wesley then tried to convince Neil to encourage Lily and Dru move back to Paris. During this time, Neil's companion Serena asked Wesley for help in keeping Neil and Dru apart.

Wesley later told Neil about Serena's feelings for Neil. Wesley began questioning Dru about her feelings for Neil. When Neil insisted he and Dru should live together for Lily to have a sense of family, Wesley wasn't happy about the idea other than Lily having a real family. Then Wesley proposed to Dru. In order to keep Wesley out of his way of getting back with Dru, Neil asked Dru's sister, Olivia Winters, to keep Wesley busy. Wesley started to realize the extent of Dru's feelings for Neil by the end of the year when she changed her mind about spending the holidays with Wesley in Paris and later told him she and Lily were moving in with Neil.

Even though he and Dru were growing apart, Wesley remained close with Lily and occasionally gave her advice about her problems. Wesley decided to stay in town despite his separation from Dru. When Olivia and Wesley confided in each other about their relationship situations, they became close and began a romantic relationship. Afterward, Wesley and Dru officially ended their relationship. Olivia was afraid of moving too fast with Wes, but he later surprised her with a candlelight dinner and explained he wanted a chance to be with her.

Months later, Wesley proposed to a hesitant Olivia who weeks later finally accepted his proposal. While in town, Wesley helped Christine Blair by hypnotizing her after she presumably had killed Isabella Brana who actually turned out to be alive.

In 2004, after a few months of being engaged, Olivia and Wesley called off their engagement and he moved back to Paris.

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