Walnut Grove Academy was a private school in Genoa City. Grades K-12.


Walnut Grove Academy was a private school that many of the children of the most prominent families of the city attended.

Although most of his younger years were spent attending school in New York, Billy Abbott moved back to Genoa City in 1999 and enrolled at Walnut Grove Academy. Billy, Brittany Hodges, JT Hellstrom, Mackenzie Browning, Rianna Miner and Raul Guittierez were friends as they attended Walnut Grove Academy. Straight-A student Raul was only able to attend the expensive private school due to a scholarship. During his sophomore year, Billy dated party girl Brittany and began drinking heavily. The Abbott name pulled some strings, and Colleen Carlton was enrolled in Walnut Grove Academy. She attended school at Walnut Grove Academy with her Uncle Billy. Colleen was strictly supervised at home, not allowed to go anywhere else and, even at school, her Uncle Billy, a senior, kept an eye on her.

But it wasn't long before a young dealer at Walnut Grove found her out and sold her some pot. She continued using drugs, even at school, and was caught by Billy's nemesis, JT, who planned on using this information against Billy. Sierra Hoffman attended Walnut Grove Academy along with Colleen and Lily Winters and went to the Genoa City University afterward. Mac beat out Brittany for the title of queen at the Walnut Grove Academy senior prom in 2000. He, Raul and Mackenzie were graduates of Walnut Grove Academy. Daniel Romalotti was placed on probation and expelled from Walnut Grove Academy.

Cassie Newman was a freshman at Walnut Grove Academy at the time of her death.