Tyra Hamilton
Eva Marcille as Tyra Hamilton
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by Eva Marcille
Current status Former, regular
Duration 2008-2009
First appearance June 25, 2008
Last appearance August 17, 2009
Created by Maria Arena Bell
Introduced by Maria Arena Bell
Family The Hamilton Family
Full name Tyra Hamilton
Gender Female
Parents Virginia Hamilton (guardian)
Siblings Yolanda Hamilton (adoptive)
Romances Gil Wallace
Neil Winters
Devon Hamilton
Children Ana Hamilton (adoptive)
Aunts and uncles Virginia Hamilton (adoptive)
Nieces and nephews Devon Hamilton (adoptive)

Tyra Hamilton was portrayed by Eva Marcille.


Tyra was the under the guardianship of Virginia Hamilton. She was the guardian of Ana Hamilton. Tyra came to town with her daughter, Ana Hamilton, on Lily Winters' birthday party so Ana could meet her cousin, Devon Hamilton. Devon'a adopted father, Neil Winters, was curious about Tyra's real reason for coming, and learned that she lost her job. He gave her a job at Indigo.

Tyra admitted to Neil that Ana was her sister Yolanda's daughter and Devon's little sister. Tyra tried to send Ana to private school but it backfired when Ana learned that Tyra wasn't her real mom. Ana was taken away from Tyra when Yolanda decided to claim her. Although Tyra raised Ana, Yolanda got custody. Neil married his fiancee Karen Taylor so they could foster Ana. Karen wanted to adopt Ana which infuriated Tyra. Tyra and Ana ran away. However, Ana texted Neil before it was too late. Neil got them and made sure that Tyra was stripped of her vistition rights. Neil then fired Tyra to save his marriage. Tyra accepted this and told Neil that he was her hero. They had sex, though they later regretted it. Later on, Neil helped Tyra get custody of Ana, which ended his marriage.

Tyra's aunt, Virginia Hamilton, revealed that Tyra wasn't really a Hamilton: she was adopted. This caused a rift between Devon and Tyra. However, Devon found that he was attracted to her. During an argument, they had sex. Tyra and Ana left town.

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