TransGlobal Airlines was an airline service headquartered in Genoa City.


TransGlobal Airlines was located at Chronicle Square in Genoa City.

In February 1998, Danny Romalotti returned to his seat beside Christine Blair after searching the plane for Phyllis Summers. "Coast is clear", he told her, "no sign of Phyllis anywhere". Christine reminded him that there were two planes following this one not to mention the plane that took off a half hour prior to them. They had to get to New York before Phyllis did! They had to have the manuscript that proved Phyllis' schemes. With it, they would win. Also, Christine explained, they needed either Peter Garrett or Sylvia Browne to testify on their behalf to prove that the manuscript hadn't been out of their sight and hadn't been altered.

At the Genoa City International Airport, Adam was arrested in the TransGlobal Airlines terminal.

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