Tony DiSalvo was portrayed by Joseph Taylor.


Tony DiSalvo was a mobster who worked for Pete Walker.

In 1982, Tony raped Cindy Lake. Jazz Jackson was a hit man for Pete and Tony. Tony swore revenge against Carl Williams for Carl's efforts to smash their mob syndicate and for arresting him. Tony made it look as if Carl was accepting bribes from the mob. While Carl was on suspension from the police force, Paul Williams worked behind the scenes to clear Carl's name. Paul staged a falling-out with his family and went undercover. He and Andy Richards got a job with Tony at The Golden Touch bar, headquarters for Walker's prostitution ring.

Paul met Cindy and befriended her hoping to expose another prostitute, Pam Warren, who had framed his dad. Paul and Cindy fell in love. She urged him to leave town when Pete took out a contract on him but Paul got the big boss to free Cindy from the ring and promised her they'd spend quality time together when this was all over. Walker ordered Paul to kill Pam so Paul took her to the Williams' home to hide. Pam saw how she'd destroyed his family's happiness and agreed to talk. She was taken into protective custody but when Paul was unable to prove he'd killed Pam, Pete ordered his death, then and there.

Paul had to go into hiding from the mob. To lure Paul out, they kidnapped his mother, Mary Williams. Fortunately, Paul and Carl rescued Mary and almost all the members of the mob were put behind bars--with the exception of Tony DiSalvo.

In 1983, Boobsie Caswell Austin was a hooker who posed as Nikki Reed in a porno flick for Tony. Tony's porno tape, Hot Hips showed Nikki stripping and a double (Boobsie) engaging in sex acts making it look as though it were Nikki on the entire film. It was distributed by Tony. Nikki seduced and married the mobster to get back a porn tape featuring her but the marriage was invalid. After the marriage ceremony, Tony cornered Paul and Andy in the alley. He aimed to shoot Paul, but Cindy suddenly appeared and shielded Paul from the gunshot. Jazz opened a door to the alley, flung Tony against the wall, and chopped him in the neck. He died instantly. Cindy was taken to the hospital, but she died there in Paul's arms.



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