The Bayou (also called The Bayou Strip Club) was a strip club in Genoa City.


The Bayou was a gentleman's club where women stripped.

In 1981, Cash Cashman bought and ran The Bayou strip club. When Nikki Reed was barely out of her teens, Greg Foster divorced her. Bored, she started stripping at the club. Business mogul Victor Newman walked into the club and set eyes on Nikki. They were introduced by Victor's pal, Douglas Austin, at the club. Charlie Cassen returned to Genoa City as Bobby Marsino, a teenager that his uncle didn't want around. He was a gopher at the club during Nikki's stripper days.

He used to sneak out from the back and admire her from afar. Andy Richards worked as a bartender at The Bayou strip nightclub. Later, Andy quit his job working as a bartender at the club and began working as a partner in the Paul Williams Detective Agency.

In 1983, Kevin Bancroft and Nikki married. Pressured by her mother-in-law, Allison Bancroft, Nikki escaped by resuming stripping at the Bayou which was hurting for business. When Kevin discovered that she worked at the club, he told her it was over.

In 1984, Alison talked Leroy, the new owner of The Bayou, into asking Nikki to come back and strip for one show to help him get money to pay Pete Walker.

Troubled by a childhood trauma (shooting Joshua Cassen), Nikki was at a loss and Victor was too involved with his daughter, Abby Newman, so Nikki decided to revisit more of her past and return to The Bayou which was now called Marsino's.

Former Staff and Roles

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