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Summer Newman
Hunter King 3
Hunter King as Summer Newman
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by Samantha Bailey (2009-2012)
Lindsay Bushman (2012)
Hunter King (2012–)
Current status Present, Contact
Duration 2006-
First appearance December 18, 2006
Created by Lynne Marie Latham
Kay Alden
Scott Hamner
Introduced by Lynne Marie Latham
Josh Griffith
Family Newman, Summers
Full name Summer Ann Newman
Alias(es) Brittni
Namesake(s) Phyllis Summers
Gender Female
Born December 18, 1994
Age 19
Occupation Student at Walnut Grove Academy
Camp counselor
Model for Jabot
Residence Genoa City, Wisconsin
Tumblr m3vntrtmk41rnhruwo1 500
Lindsay Bushman as Summer Newman
Samantha Bailey 2
Samantha Bailey as Summer Newman
Parents Nick Newman
Phyllis Summers
Siblings Daniel Romalotti (maternal half-brother)
Cassie Newman (paternal adoptive half-sister; deceased)
Noah Newman (paternal half-brother)
Faith Newman (paternal half-sister)
Spouses Austin Travers (2014-)
Romances Fenmore Baldwin
Kyle Abbott
Austin Travers
Grandparents Victor Newman
Nikki Newman
George Summers
Lydia Callahan
Aunts and uncles Dylan McAvoy
Victoria Newman
Abby Newman
Adam Newman
Avery Clark
Nieces and nephews Lucy Romalotti
First cousins Reed Hellstrom
Johnny Abbott (adoptive)
Connor Newman

Summer Ann Travers (née Newman) is a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Hunter King. In April 2012, Summer was rapidly aged (SORAS'd) to a 15 year old, as a fun yet feisty typical teen.


Summer is the daughter of Phyllis Newman and Nick Newman. Her alleged father is Jack Abbott due to Sharon Newman tampering with the paternity test result. 


Summer was conceived during an affair between her parents when Nick was married to Sharon Newman and Phyllis was sleeping with her ex-husband Jack Abbott. Phyllis was found to be pregnant, and in 2006, Sharon divorced Nick. There was question as to whom Summer's father was: Jack or Nick? Once Nick saw the results he left for a few days. When he returned, he announced that he was the father and he and Phyllis married.

Summer was born December 18, 2006 when her mother and Jack got stuck in an elevator at Newman Enterprises, and Jack was forced to deliver her. Her name comes from her mother's maiden name and the ironic fact that she was born in the winter.

First YearEdit

Two months after she was born she, Phyllis, and Lauren Fenmore's infant son, Fenmore Baldwin, were all kidnapped by Lauren's longtime enemy, Sheila Carter. Sheila stole Phyllis's face and then disguised herself as an elderly woman to keep them all hostage in a retirement home. They were all rescued when Lauren arrived and shot Sheila.

Months later, Nick was presumed dead. Once revealed to be alive, he couldn't remember Summer or being married to Phyllis. He was appalled at the fact that he ever left his ex, Sharon, for Phyllis. But he soon got his memory back and he and Phyllis reunited.

Brain DamageEdit

After witnessing Jack and Phyllis making love, Patty befriends Phyllis in order to gain her trust. On June 26, 2009 Patty over hears Phyllis reminding Summer that she is allergic to peanuts after she finds peanut butter cookies given to Summer at a birthday party. Phyllis throws them into the garbage and later Patty retrieves the cookies at eats them, making sure that there were still traces of the nuts on her lips, and then kissed Summer on the mouth. Because of her allergy, the exposure to the nuts actually caused Summer to go into anaphylactic shock, and she quickly became comatose.

Heather Stevens believing that Phyllis intentionally caused Summer harm because of hers and Nick's failing relationship, filed a court order keeping Phyllis and Nick away from Summer while she was in her coma. Later they learn out that Patty was the one responsible for Summer's illness after finding a picture of Summer in her things at the GCAC.

After Summer comes out of her coma Nick and Phyllis realize Summer has trouble speaking. Doctors perform an MRI on Summer and it's determined she's suffering from damage to her brain that affects her speech. After many months of therapy and going to Switzerland and Boston for special treatments, Summer made a full recovery.


For years, Summer had been raised believing that Nick Newman was her father. When she developed a crush on Jack's son Kyle Jenkins, Nick panicked and became overprotective, which resulted in tension between the two. Nick, armed with a hairbrush of Summer's that had strands of her hair on it, decided to take a paternity test after finding out that the first one taken years ago was inconclusive. A week later, on the day of Summer's high school graduation, Nick received a letter from the lab revealing results that were devastating to him. Nick was not Summer's father. But in fact Nick is Summer's father revealed in July 2013, due to Sharon tampering with the paternity test results making sure the result was negative and that Jack Abbott is the alleged father. The only person who knows about Sharon's involvement is Phyllis Newman who overheard her speaking to Cassie Newman's grave. The two women then get into a fight resulting in Phyllis falling down a flight of stairs causing Phyllis to become unconscious. Phyllis slips into a coma, and Daniel returns to Genoa City to take Phyllis to a care facility by where he lives.

Life without a motherEdit

Jack and Summer bonded over their love for Phyllis, but she came to forgive Nick and think of him as her father. Summer became friends with Sharon after she stood up for her against one of the cameramen. Summer visited Fen in prison when he was arrested for drugs. When Fen got released, he told Summer he planned to run away because he feared going back to prison for Carmine Basco's murder. Michael and Lauren convinced Summer to trick Fen into coming back and he was placed under house arrest. Summer tried to explain her actions to Fen, but he coldly rebuffed her. Just before a shot, Esmerelda, a fellow model, gave Summer some pills and us sphinxes Fen while she was high. Summer ended up collapsing on the stairs, while a concerned Fen went looking for her and he was arrested and sent back to prison for braking his house arrest. Summer blamed herself, but Fen reassured her it wasn't her fault.

On the runEdit

Summer goes on the run with Austin Travers after he shoots police chief Paul Williams during an altercation with Avery Clark and Dylan McAvoy. Austin took Avery hostage because he blamed her for his mother's death. When Dylan came to save Avery, they struggled over the gun and it went off, injuring Paul. Summer and Austin who were previously dating, grew closer while they were on the run together. At a motel on the Canadian border, Summer lost her virginity and shared her first time with Austin. Shortly after returning to Genoa City Summer and Austin decide to get married.





  • Victor Newman (paternal grandfather)
  • Nikki Newman (paternal grandmother)
  • George Summers (maternal grandfather; deceased)
  • Lydia Callahan (maternal grandmother)


Nieces/Nephews Edit


Crimes CommittedEdit

  • Caught spiking her drink with alcohol by Ronan and was turned over to her parents (2012)
  • Vandalized Ronan's car with a bat, but he didn't press charges (2012)
  • Drove recklessly which caused an accident that killed Chelsea and Adam's unborn child
  • Stole Jamie Vernon's wallet to get information about him and later returned it to Ronan by saying that she found it.
  • Bullied Jamie Vernon; got off with community service
  • Possession of a fake ID and used it to enter a bar underage (2013)

Hospitalizations & MaladiesEdit

  • Went into a coma after suffering an allergic reaction to peanut butter; came out of the coma with brain damage that affected her speech, but was cured by therapy.
  • Had bruises in a car accident that killed Chelsea & Adam's unborn child.
  • Suffered from congestive heart failure after taking Viva-Surge; regained consciousness without heart damage.


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