Victoria and Billy start to move into their new house. Victoria says the house seems sort of quiet. Billy says it'll be louder with the kids running around. They talk about it being the first day of school. Victoria is down that she isn't the one getting Reed ready.

Mac is getting Reed ready for school. She asks if he needs anything else. Reed says he needs his special first day of school french toast. Mac asks if he wants to help her make them. Reed runs to the kitchen as JT thanks Mac.

Esther is taking pictures of Chloe, Kevin, and Delia as Jana wanders in. Kevin goes over to her and explains that it's Delia's first day at Tiny Tots. Jana asks where it is. Kevin wonders if she has signed the divorce papers yet. Jana says her heart doesn't want to let go. Kevin imparts some words of wisdom from Chloe. When Jana leaves, Billy and Victoria arrive. Chloe tells Billy he missed out on pictures. Just then, Reed rushes up to Victoria, and tells her that he and Mac made his special french toast. Victoria forces a smile and says that's gret. She then tells Reed he'll be spending a lot of time at her new house while JT rolls his eyes in the background.

Chance asks Phillip how long he's staying. Phillip says that he's not sure. Nina suggests that Chance go to Australia with him. Chance won't leave the case. Nina wants him to forget the case, but Phillip tells her to trust Chance. Phillip says that he may want to reconcile with Chloe. Chance says Chloe returned his ring. Nina tells him she hates to see him hurt. Jill says she is off to see Delia to Tiny Tots, and Nina answers the door. She comes back with Paul, and says they have a lead on her son. Paul explains about the grainy photo and he knows a person who may be able to They all pledge their support. Nina says she's hoping for a future with both her sons and Chance hugs her.

Ronan sits with Syd on the patio of the coffee house. Heather comes in and Syd leaves. She asks Ronan why he called her. Ronan says there is something he needs her to do: spy on Chance. Heather refuses to help. Ronan stresses it's not him against Chance. Ronan grabs her arm and says she'll help whether she wants to or not She threatens to tell Chance and tries to slap him. Ronan says if she doesn't do this, when Chance goes down, it's on her.

Jana interviews to be an art teacher at Tiny Tots. The teacher isn't sure about hiring her, so Jana offers to volunteer for a week or two first without pay. The teacher agrees.

Kevin remarks on Gloria paying for a coffee for the first time. Gloria blames his financial mess on Jana. Kevin says she feels bad about that. Gloria offers Kevin a job running the accounting and computers at Gloworm.

At Tiny Tots, Chloe, Delia, Esther, Billy, Victoria, Reed, JT, and Mac gather for the first day. Billy takes Chloe aside and asks if she's okay. She says yes. They are introduced to the new art teacher Ms. Jana. Jana comes in holding Reed's hand and snugging Delia and looking at Chloe smugly.

Later on, Chance visits Chloe at her apartment. She remarks that he was busy when she returned his ring, and he realizes she heard him and Heather. Chance wants her to take the ring back. She refuses. He leaves, forgetting his phone. It rings. Chloe picks it up as Chance comes back for it. She asks why Teague the reporter is calling. He admits he's going to meet him and tell him about the dirty cops. Chloe feels he will end up in a river like Riggs. Chance says he's doing it. Chloe calls Ronan and says she needs to see him.

JT and Mac discuss Jana working at the kids' school. Mac says you never know where you're going to end up in life, maybe right back where you started. JT produces a present, calling it a proper welcome. It's monogrammed towels. He then wants to take a shower.

Billy and Victoria are at their new house. He wants to take pictures, so he opens her purse to grab her camera and pulls out a pregnancy test instead. Victoria says she was going to tell him but didn't want to get his hopes up. She goes upstairs to do the test, but comes back down to find Billy gone. Billy is at the bar, drinnking scotch.

Phillip sits with Paul and Nina. Phillip says it must have been great having Christine back. Nina clears her throat and says it was. Jill comes into the room showing off pictures of Delia. Jill brings up Delia being a Fenmore and Murphy tells her enough. Paul takes a call/ His friend might be able to see what Aidan looks like now. Nina is estastic.

Heather comes into her apartment and startles at Chance sitting there. He tells her he and Chloe ended things. He tells her what he's planning to do tonight. She begs him not to. Chance says he needs her on his side. She's the only person he trusts. They kiss.

Chloe comes into Crimson Lights to meet Ronan. She apologizes about the way she acted the other night, she just doesn't like being used. Ronan admits he had a good time with her, but adds that cops and relationships are a toxic mix. He then wants to know if she knows something about Chance.

JT and Mac pick Reed from school. Esther comes to pick up Delia, saying that Chloe is busy. Jana asks if she's with Uncle Kevin. Esther says that she doesn't know. Jana watches them go, then calls Kevin. Kevin ignores her and talks to his mom instead. He says that he accepts her job.

Chloe comes back to her apartment and is accosted by Heather, who says she needs to know where Chance is tonight. Chloe tells her to get a life. Heather says that he's in trouble.

Ronan is still sitting on the patio when Heather calls and tells him where Chance is. He leaves, and Syd comes out of the shadows and quickly follows him.


Heather asks Chloe, "Is that a threat?" Chloe asks if she wants to test it.

John Abbott asks Billy if he's ready to find happiness with someone he loves.

Ronan and Syd sneak up on Chance in the alley as he's about to give the reporter the names of dirty cops.


Sorry about the serious lack of pics. Couldn't get them uploaded.

Delia is so sweet. The baby that was playing her, Riley, was actually saying "Buh Bye" to Jana over and over again when Esther was picking her up. I was literally saying aww.

Speaking of Delia, I got chills yesturday when I saw Jana holding her in the previews. Now watching the episode, I am convinced that Jana will some how use her to get revenge on Chloe.

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