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Scotty Grainger
Blair Redford
Blair Redford as Scotty Grainger
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by Blair Redford
Current status Former, Contract
Duration 1991-1994, 2005-2006
First appearance March 8, 1991
Last appearance January 11, 2006
Cause/reason Left town
Created by William J. Bell
Introduced by Edward J. Scott (1991)
John F. Smith (2005)
Full name Scott Grainger, Jr.
Nickname(s) Scotty
Namesake(s) Scott Grainger
Gender Male
Born March 8, 1981
Age 33
Residence Toronto
Parents Scott Grainger
Lauren Fenmore
Siblings Fenmore Baldwin (maternal half-brother)
Grandparents Neil Fenmore (maternal grandfather)
James Grainger (paternal grandfather)
Joanna Manning (maternal grandmother)
Aunts and uncles Jill Abbott Fenmore (maternal half-aunt)
Christine Blair (paternal half-aunt)
First cousins Billy Abbott (maternal half-cousin)
Phillip Chancellor III (maternal half-cousin)

Scott "Scotty" Grainger, Jr. was portrayed by Blair Redford.


Scotty is the son of Lauren Fenmore and Scott Grainger. He has one half brother named Fenmore Baldwin.

Scotty was switched at birth by Sheila Carter who wanted to raise Scott Grainger's son after she lost their baby. Sheila bought a baby off the black market and gave it to Lauren Fenmore who named the baby Dylan Lawrence Fenmore. Dylan died before he was a year old and Molly Carter, Sheila's mother, told Lauren the truth. Lauren and Sheila fought, and Sheila set the house on fire by accident. Sheila appeared to have died. (She didn't, but this wasn't realized until later). Lauren and Scott got their son back, but Scott died not too long after from illness.

In 2005, Scotty returned for Lauren's wedding to Michael Baldwin. He was writing a book, but didn't know that the lady helping him was Sheila in disguise. Lauren relaized that his story was actually her and Sheila's story before Sheila had tried to kill her.

In 2010, Lauren went to visit Scotty in Europe. She missed Chance Chancellor's funeral but sent her sympathy through Michael. Jill Fenmore did not appreciate her absence or lack of a phone call on the loss of her grandson.

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