Satine Cosmetics (also called Satine Cosmetics for Women of Color) was a cosmetics company.


Satine Cosmetics was a cosmetics company for black women.

After the Abbott family had regained control of Jabot Cosmetics, they fell on hard times. With new employee Drucilla Winters' assistance, they attempted to enter a new market--that of black women. One way to do that was to buy out Satine Cosmetics. Unfortunately, Victoria Newman heard about it and used Newman Enterprises' more substantial bank account to outbid them. Jabot Cosmetics was about to buy out Satine but Newman Enterprises bought it out from under them.

When Satine was finally purchased Newman decided to dismantle it and start from scratch. It was then renamed Safra. Jabot decided to resurrect a similar idea of Ashley's called Tuvia to compete with Satine Cosmetics. Drucilla, who was a longtime Abbott family friend and Jabot spokeswoman, stole a business card that belonged to former Satine Cosmetics chemist Damon Porter from her husband Neil Winters desk and recruited him to work for Tuvia.

Although Neil initially contacted Damon to return to Satine, Dru went way above her authority to woo Damon. He ended up working developing a competing product while Ashley Abbott took maternity leave. When Jack Abbott found out, he reprimanded Dru but was pleased that they had won Damon over Newman Enterprises. Ashley was not pleased, but after meeting Damon she welcomed him to Jabot.

Former Employees and Roles

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