Detective Salena Wylie was portrayed by Fay Hauser.

BiographySalena Wylie was a detective with the Genoa City Police Department.

In 1986, as Jill Abbott was rushed to the hospital, Genoa City police detectives Carl Williams and Salena Wylie took on the case and started to question Michael Scott about who would have motive to kill Jill. Jack Abbott fielded questions about his relationship to Jill by Carl and Salena. Carl, Salena and Paul Williams worried that Jack might flee the country. Jack was ready to board a no-return flight to Tahiti when Det. Salena Wiley showed up to take him to the police station.

Jack was taken into police custody by Carl and Salena. Carl and Salena badgered John Abbott to reveal the contents of his divorce settlement with Jill. In a separate case, Paul and Danny Romalotti rescued Cricket Blair and Nina Webster from Rose DeVille. Carl and Salena arrived at the scene but couldn't capture Rose. Back on the Jill Abbott case, John was questioned by Carl and Salena to track down Jack's whereabouts. Carl and Salena intensified their search for Jack.

Faking concern, Sven Petersen alerted Jill's assistant, David Kimble, that Jill went missing. He then filed a missing persons report to distract the police from himself. Carl and Salena were surprised but decided to pay Sven a visit. Carl and Salena developed a new theory on Jill's disappearance: she could have left town on her own. Jack Abbott showed up at Sven's and accused him of shooting Jill. Jack fled when Carl and Salena arrived. Carl and Salena found Jack at Carol Robbins' apartment.

Eventually it was determined that Sven shot Jill. After this, Salena remained in Genoa City, albeit in a very minor role, until 1996..

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