Ruth Anne Perkins (also called Ruthie, Ruth Perkins, Ruth Anne Perkins Williams Bradley) was portrayed by Leslie Bevis.


In 1991, Genoa City Police Detective Carl Williams was working on a case. He was captured by the criminals, beaten and left for dead. He was found by Ruth Anne, a resident of Norfolk, who nursed him back to health but he had amnesia. Jim got a job at the local airport. After Mary Williams had accepted a marriage proposal from Charlie Ottwell, Paul Williams' wife, Christine Williams, was traveling. She was shocked to discover Carl still alive and working at the airport.

He was living under the name Jim Bradley. "Jim" had just asked his girlfriend, Ruth Anne, to marry him when airport security tipped him that someone was asking about him. Always concerned that "Jim" had a family looking for him somewhere, Ruthie called the phone number Chris had left with airport security. After speaking with Chris, she tested "Jim" and he responded to the name Carl so they invited Christine to their home. Christine convinced "Jim" to return to Genoa City and visit the family he didn't even remember.

Carl returned with Ruthie and Paul was shocked to see him. As much as he tried, Paul never could connect with his father who went back to Norfolk. Mary and Charlie announced their engagement. Meanwhile "Jim" felt bad and decided he needed to give it one more try. "Jim" and Ruthie arrived in time to see Paul and Mary from the back of the Church Of The Sacred Heart on Christmas Eve which triggered a memory of the family in church when Paul was a child that scared Carl so much that he fled. Running into them at a diner later brought on another memory.

Paul spotted his father and privately asked his intentions as Mary and Charlie were about to get married. Jim said he didn't know, but later Paul witnessed Mary seeing "Jim" for the first time and fainting. When Mary came to, Carl told her about his amnesia and Ruthie. Mary was convinced that despite his love for Ruthie her love could bring back the past and she and Carl would be happy together again. Mary told Charlie the wedding was off but try as she might Mary could never bring back Carl's memory of them.

In 1999 after Carl/Jim left for good to return to his life with Ruth Anne, Mary once again mourned his loss. Ruth Anne and Carl were later married.



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