Siblings Gina and Danny

The Romalotti family is a fictional family from the CBS Daytime soap opera, The Young and the Restless. The Romalottis are a minor family within the series. The family is known for the rock star music career of Danny Romalotti. His sister, Gina Roma, is known for running Gina's Italian Restaurant and the Genoa City Athletic Club. Danny and Gina's father, Rex Sterling, was known for his involvement in the feud between Katherine Chancellor and Jill Abbott.

Family Members

First Generation

  • Rex Sterling (born Brian Romalotti; deceased) - Father of Gina and Danny.

Second Generation

Third Generation

Fourth Generation


1. Rex Sterling
   2. Gina Roma
   2. Danny Romalotti
      Phyllis Summers
      3. Daniel Romalotti (adopted)
         Daisy Carter
         4. Lucy Romalotti

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