Riley Newman
Riley in Adam's dream
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by Malachi Barton
Duration 2012-2017
Created by Maria Arena Bell
Josh Griffith
Introduced by Jill Farren Phelps
Family Bardwell, Newman
Full name Riley Adam Newman
Alias(es) Ry
Namesake(s) Chelsea Newman,Adam Newman
Gender Male
Age 4
Cause of death Car crash with Nick's daughter Summer
Occupation Newman Heir
Parents Adam Newman (apparently deceased)
Chelsea Newman
Siblings Johnny Abbott (maternal half)
Connor Newman (brother)
Christian Newman (paternal half)
Grandparents Victor Newman
Hope Adams Wilson
Nikki Newman (step)
Jeffrey Bardwell
Anita Lawson
Aunts and uncles Victoria Newman
Nicholas Newman
Abby Newman
First cousins Reed Hellstrom
Johnny Abbott (adoptive)
Cassie Newman (adoptive)
Noah Newman
Summer Newman
Faith Newman
Godparents Chloe Mitchell

Riley Newman is the son of Adam and Chelsea Newman. Malachi Barton. He was killed by Summer Newman in a car crash


Riley Newman was the son of Adam Newman and Chelsea Lawson Newman. he is the brother of Connor Newman & the half brother of Johnny Abbott & Christian Newman

Chelsea became pregnant soon after she and Adam were married. Both were happy to become parents. Riley was born but died with a car crash with Nick's daughter


Adam dreams of Riley

Despite the divorce, lingering feelings between the two still remain. Chelsea never shared the news of her second pregnancy with Adam and is continuing to keep him in the dark about their child by claiming, Dylan McAvoy as the father of her child. On the day that Riley was to be born, Adam gave Chelsea a present that he bought for Riley. He told her to use it for her new child, still unaware that the child Chelsea is carrying is his. Inside the present, Chelsea finds a blue baby blanket and a note that Adam wrote for Riley, expressing his excitement about having a child. On Christmas Day 2012, Adam has a dream about what life would have been like if Riley had survived. He dreamed of a life several years in the future, spending Christmas morning with Chelsea and Riley.


  • All photos are from Adam's dream of Riley, which aired on the December 26, 2012 episode.

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