Nikki and Rick

Nikki Reed and Rick Daros

Rick Daros was portrayed by Randy Holland.


In 1984, after Nikki Reed's relationship with Kevin Bancroft ended, she took up with shady Rick Daros while she was pregnant with Victoria Newman. Nikki hooked up with Rick not knowing that he was responsible for the drowning death of his wife, Melissa Daros, and was planning a repeat performance with Nikki. Once again, the men in Nikki's life, Paul Williams, Andy Richards and Victor Newman, were hot on their tail trying to save everyone's favorite fetching blonde. In St. Croix, where Rick had planned to execute the dastardly deed, he tied Nikki up, held her hostage and told her the truth about her daughter's paternity while preparing to kill her in the surf.

She managed to get him to untie her, then hit him over the head with a pan and raced out. Unfortunately, he recovered in time to recapture her. The next day, Rick held Nikki at gunpoint and planned to take her "scuba diving" using a tank without oxygen. But before Nikki could sleep with the fishes, Paul, Andy and Victor arrived in the nick of time and plucked her from the water, but not before Rick shot Victor with a spear gun in the groin. Daros disappeared in the ocean, and Nikki kept vigil by Victor's side while he recovered from his injury.

A couple months later, while Victor and Nikki were vacationing, Eve Howard and Nikki's former lover, Rick, escaped from the sanitarium and returned to Genoa City. Rick had amnesia, forgetting he had tried to kill Nikki earlier in the year, and became Eve's lover. After breaking into the Newman ranch, Eve stole money from Victor's safe and the two escaped to Europe.




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