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Ravi Shapur
Abhi Sinha as Ravi Shapur
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by Abhi Sinha
Current status Current, Recurring
First appearance December 12, 2016
Created by Sally Sussman
Introduced by Mal Young
Gender Male
Occupation Computer Engineer at Jabot Cosmetics
Residence Genoa City, Wisconsin
Romances Ashley Abbott
Aunts and uncles Nikhil

Ravi Shapur is a character on The Young and the Restless portrayed by Abhi Sinha. He first appeared on December 12, 2016


Ravi is a Computer Engineer at Jabot Cosmetics hired by Ashley Abbott to build their 'Glow Go' make-up App. Ashley and him become good friends while working together, and she invites him to a Nee Years Eve Party where she shares a dance with Mariah Copeland, and kisses Ashley on the cheek at midnight.

Phyllis Summers attempts to poach Ravi from Jabot to help her her friend, Lauren Fenmore Baldwin, develop a new online app to save her failing business, [[Fenmore's. Jabot ends up purchasing Fenmore's, and CEO Jack Abbott assigns Phyllis to help Ravi work on the app, which upsets Ashley.

Ravi soon became caught between Phyllis and Ashley, who both liked to hang around him. Despite Ashley's animosity towards Phyllis, Ravi would still hang out with her. He and Phyllis even went to The Underground for drinks. Ravi planned to give Ashley a box of chocolate, and a card to thank her for being such a good friend. After Ashley made it clear she hated Valentine's Day, Ravi three the card and chocolates on the garbage. Ashley later saw what Ravi had done for her, and apologized for being so negative about Valentine's Day, and told him not to let her negative experiences stop him from finding love.

When Lauren's son Scotty Grainger was kidnapped, Ravi suggested he and Phyllis work diligently to finish the app to give Lauren some positive news. Phyllis and Ravi finished the Jabot Go app, and Jack was pleased. Ashley took Ravi out for dinner to celebrate, and Ravi's feelings for Ashley grew. Phyllis advised Ravi not to get his hopes up with Ashley as she has always dated rich and powerful men. Ashley later called Ravi and told him that they will never be anymore than friends. Hurt, Ravi asked why he and Ashley can't be more than friends.

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