Prentiss Industries was a corporation located in Genoa City.


Prentiss Industries was owned by Vanessa Prentiss.

It was later acquired by Victor Newman. Lucas Prentiss warned Victor he'd get Prentiss Industries back someday.

In 1982, Lorie Brooks and Lucas came up with a scheme that Lorie would seduce a single Victor into marriage and then just before the wedding convince him to sign over to her the controlling stock shares in PI. It worked. Before the ceremony, Victor handed Lorie a document that gave her control of Prentiss Industries. Shortly thereafter, Victor searched for Lorie who had suddenly disappeared. Instead, he found a letter from Lorie informing him that she wasn't interested in marrying him.

Left behind with the letter was Victor's engagement ring. Lorie packed her bags and arranged a meeting with Lucas before leaving town. To Lucas' surprise, Lorie announced that she had won control of Prentiss Industries from Victor and was returning the company to Lance Prentiss. Lorie had fallen in love with Victor. Later, Lance Prentiss married Lorie. PI was then operated by Lance. After feeling miffed that Lance always seemed to side with Lorie, Vanessa plotted to shift their family company, Prentiss Industries, into Lucas' control, unbeknownst to Lance.

She later followed through with her plan. Lance was disappointed when Vanessa ousted him as the company boss while Vanessa told Lorie she wouldn't put Lance back in charge unless Lorie divorced him.

Former Staff and Roles

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