Y&R Phyllis' Penthouse1

In downtown Genoa City, Jack Abbott found this modern penthouse for his ex-wife, Phyllis Summers, when she left the Newman Ranch in the aftermath of Cassie Newman's death. Phyllis lived here on and off during her marriage to Nicholas Newman. Gloria Bardwell and Jeffrey Bardwell rented the penthouse until they were evicted. Sharon Newman, Phyllis' arch-rival, also briefly took solace took there. In December 2010, a pregnant Daisy Carter was released and moved in, but Daniel Romalotti instead decided she she should stay at his loft for Summer Newman's sake.

Phyllis suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage in her living room after a vicious fight with Daisy and suspected her evil daughter-in-law listened to her cries for help, but did nothing.  

Dr. Tim Reid collapsed from a heart attack and died on the floor during what he thought was going to be a night of lovemaking with the firey redhead. In a moment of panic, Phyllis forced Kevin Fisher to help get rid of the body and a comedy of errors led to their scheme being exposed when Det. Ronan Malloy discovered they were hiding something. Ronan, who had feelings for Phyllis, agreed to assist the pair and ended up coming up with an alibi saying him and Mrs. Newman were having an affair at the time of the doctor's demise. Unfortunately, this cost Phyllis her marriage to Nick and destroyed Phyllis's relationship with a teenage Summer.

After helping Jack recover from a prescription pill addiction in 2013, the couple reunited and moved in together at the Abbott Mansion. Phyllis later moved back into her penthouse when Traci Abbott arrived with concerns that her brother would once again be heartbroken, causing tension between Jack and Phyllis.

In May 2013, Summer used the high-rise penthouse for a party when everyone was suppose to be at prom that resulted in disaster when Fen forcibly kissed her and Kyle Abbott ended up punching him. Phyllis became enraged when she found out what had taken place in her home.

In 2015 after Phyllis wakes up from her coma and comes back home, she visits her best friend Michael Baldwin to make sure everything she has (property, bank accounts, etc.) is all in tact; however she gets a nasty surprise when she learns that Jack sold her penthouse, put the money into a trust and bought the large expensive apartment that her daughter and son in law lived in.