PassKey is a computer programmer that was designed and created by Natalie Soderberg.


The idea of PassKey was thought of by Natalie and Kevin Fisher while he was in Switzerland, investigating the resurgence of the Paragon virus. Kevin was so excited about the project, and Mariah Copeland eventually got Kevin to tell her about the program. Billy Abbott overheard their conversation, and wanted in on the deal.

Mariah convinced Kevin to con an additional million out of Billy, and Kevin decided to make her his silent partner. Billy ended up in the hospital, and Victor Newman approached Kevin with an offer to purchase the rights to the program. Kevin and Marah caved to Victor's offer just as Billy came out his coma.

Natalie showed up unexpectedly, and admitted she was running from other investors. Kevin and Mariah set Natalie up in secret at the Athletic club, but Natalie went straight to Victor with the program. Victor learned Kevin and Mariah's attempt to con an additional million, and booted them from the project.

Phyllis Summers kidnapped Adam Newman in an attempt to force an anonymous trade for Natalie. Natalie managed to get away, and Phyllis revealed herself as the mysterious investor. Natalie and Phyllis agreed to work together, and Natalie got Phyllis to cut Kevin and Mariah in as well. Phyllis was also investing in Billy's behalf.

Victor had Summer Newman watch Natalie at her apartment while she would work on developing the program. Natalie left a incomplete version on her computer, and gave the real version to Billy on a memory stick. Victor learned Natalie was being deceitful (but not about her secret partners), fired her, and seized her equipment, claming it as Newman property.

After Victor was arrested and sent to prison, Natalie, Kevin, and Mariah were anxious to get PassKey launched, so they could start making money. A press conference was held where Billy announced PassKey to the public.


PassKey is said to have the ability to prevent even the most experienced hackers from breaking into a computer that has the program involved. The idea of PassKey may have been thought of as a countermeasure to the Paragon virus.

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