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Located at 421 Larkspur Trail, Highway B outside of Genoa City, Victor Newman's lavish ranch was home to the wealthy yet gothic Newman clan. The property has several guesthouses and pastures for horseback riding as well as the main house.


Newman Ranch in the winter

In 1980, Katherine Chancellor sold Victor the ranch when he arrived in Genoa City as CEO of Chancellor Industries. Many dramatic occurences have taken place here since then such as the Dark Knight holding Michael Scott hostage, Julia Newman's miscarriage, Victoria Newman almost drowning, Sharon Newman falling on the ice, Nikki Newman almost dying in the snow while drunk, a delusional Victor brandishing a gun at Nikki, Diego Guittierez and Sharon making love in the tack house, Adam Newman haunting Ashley Abbott and framing Estella Munoz, Veronica Landers murdering Joshua Landers and shooting Nikki, etc.


Snow covered Newman Ranch


Newman stables

After the end of their marriage in 2009, Ashley considered taking ownership of the ranch away from Victor, but ultimately decided against it. In October of 2012, Sharon Newman, who had bipolar disorder and bitter over a recent divorce from Victor, drunkenly set the main house on fire. Nobody was injured, and Adam helped Sharon cover up her part by hiring an arsonist to set fire to other buildings in Genoa City, including Gloworm. However, Nikki and Victor find out that Sharon was indeed responsible for the fire, being informed by Chelsea Newman.  Victor was heard saying in early 2013 that an architect has drawn up plans for a new main house to be built. The Newmans new home was eventually finished and they christened the refurbished set by getting married in an inimate ceremony on March 18, 2013, which ended abruptly with Adam getting shot by someone posing as a caterer.

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    The Newman Ranch

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Marcus Wheeler, a nefarious Wisconsin Congressman with a grudge against both Victor and Jack, hired a hitman to crash the nuptials and mayhem ensued when Adam took a bullet meant for Victor. Meanwhile, Nikki has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and continues spending more time with her physician, Dr. Kurt Costner.

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