Y&R Neil's house1

Stanford Graduate Neil Winters came to Genoa City in 1991 and took a job as an executive trainee at Jabot Cosmetics. His career affored him a luxury apartment home (345 Ashland St. #321) where him and his vibrant family lived. Drucilla Winters' memory was forever kept alive there as Neil, Devon Hamilton, Lily Winters, Olivia Winters and Malcolm Winters continued paying homage to the (presumed) dead matriarch.

The Winters dwelling witnessed Dru mistakenly making love to Malcolm while under the influence of cold medication, Neil and Karen Taylor's custody struggles for Ana Hamilton, Devon adjusting to life as a member of the Winters family, Neil learning Lily was really Malcolm's daughter, Phyllis Summers taunting Drucilla about the paternity secret, Dru and Nicholas Newman's meeting where she told him of her Beauty of Nature Cosmetics concept for Newman Enterprises, etc.

In late 2009, Malcolm (now played by Darius McCrary) came back to town after finding out Lily was suffering from cancer and the next year, his fiancee Sofia Dupre followed him to Genoa City. Sofia and Neil immediately clashed while working together since he was running Chancellor Industries and she held the position of CFO at McCall Unlimited. Eventually, Neil slept with the woman his brother planned to marry and Sofia learned she was pregnant on her honeymoon with Malcolm. DNA test proved Neil to be the infant boy's father and a devastated Malcolm divorced Sofia, disowned Neil, and left town.

Neil married Sofia for the sake of baby Moses, but she realized he did not return her feelings for him. Instead, Neil was interested in Harmony Hamilton and began an emotional affair with the former addict. Sofia filed for a divorce and announced that she was planning to move to New York with Moses, though Neil discouraged her from doing so. Harmony ended up breaking things off with Neil and leaving Genoa City to care for her daughter, Ana.

Leslie Michaelson, an enigmatic attorney, came into Neil's life during the Newman lawsuit in 2011 and the two grew closer in late 2012 when he hired her as Legal Counsel for Jabot. A break-in occured at the apartment during May of 2013 where a flashdrive containing Neil's private journal entries was stolen and someone has started posting them viral in an attempt to publically humiliate the Winters and the Michaelsons.

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