Count Max Siebalt was portrayed by an unknown actor.


Max Siebalt was a con artist.

In 1983, Eve Howard ran into the now divorced Julia Newman in Paris and heard about Lorie Brooks abandoning Victor Newman at the altar. Eve told Julia that she was involved with a wealthy count, Max Siebalt. Max and Eve began to scheme to get Victor's fortune because Max was broke. Eve convinced Victor to hire her back as his personal assistant, and for a while, everything seemed fine.

When Victor's manservant, Charlie, left his employ, Eve offered to cook Victor's meals for him, lacing them with a slow-acting poison that, in small doses, could not be traced. Victor began to lose weight and appeared ill and, after Victor's dog ate some of his poisoned food and died, Victor became suspicious. Julia overheard part of Eve and Max's plan on the phone and warned Victor that he was in danger, but it was too late.

An antidote was found and Victor survived. Julia proved that Eve was involved by having the poison analyzed. Victor realized that Eve had tried to poison him so that her son, Charles Howard, could inherit half his wealth. With the help of Julia and his friend, Douglas Austin, Victor began a scheme to trap Eve into confessing, and even proposed to her, which the greedy Eve quickly accepted.

The day of Victor and Eve's wedding, she arrived at the Newman estate to learn that Victor had died. Eve arranged to have Victor's coffin placed in the Newman living room, and took over as the grieving fiancee. Max, sensing that she was losing her grip on reality, quickly married her, since it appeared that Victor had left his estate to Eve.

When Julia confided to Eve that she thought Victor was murdered, and that she wanted to exhume his body for an autopsy, Eve sent Max to the graveyard to dig up the corpse. At the cemetery, Max was so shocked to see Victor alive that he fell against a pitchfork and died.



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