Matt Clark
Rick Hearst as Matt Clark
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by Eddie Cibrian (1994-1996)
Russell Lawrence (2000)
Rick Hearst (2000-2001)
Current status Former, Recurring
Duration 1994-1996, 2000-2001
First appearance June 1994
Last appearance November 28, 2001
Cause/reason Death
Created by William J. Bell
Introduced by Edward J. Scott
Alias(es) Carter Mills
Gender Male
Died May 10, 2001
Cause of death Suicide by removing breath tube
Occupation Waiter at Crimson Lights
Eddie Cibrian
Eddie Cibrian as Matt Clark
Romances Sharon Newman
Amy Wilson
Tricia McNeil

Matt Clark (also known as Carter Mills) was portrayed by Eddie Cibrian, Russell Lawrence and Rick Hearst.


In the beginning, Matt Clark dated Sharon Collins. Matt and Nicholas Newman were rivals. Nick dated Amy Wilson, Sharon's best friend. Then Nick set his sights on Sharon. She liked him, too, even though she was attracted to Matt. Sharon eventually left Matt for Nick.

In 1995, Nick proposed to Sharon. Matt sought revenge by beating Nick and raping Sharon! Hoping that he would destroy Nick and Sharon for good, Matt told Nick that Sharon had given up a child for adoption, but Nick and Sharon remained intact. However, after Sharon confessed that Matt had raped her, Nick went to confront Matt and found him dead on his floor! Matt was shot and Nick was arrested. Nick was convicted of murder and sentenced to fifteen years in jail.

In 1996, it was revealed that Amy had shot Matt after he raped her and Nick was cleared.

In 2001, Matt came back to town as Carter Mills after having plastic surgery to look like a totally different person. He tried to rape Sharon again, but failed. His unwitting accomplice, Tricia McNeil, purposely crashed a car they were in, putting him in the hospital. Matt pulled out his own breathing tube and pinned the "murder" on Nick. Matt also told Nick that he had raped Sharon. Sharon was pregnant and Nick thought that the child might be Matt's. Sharon later miscarried and the child was proven to be Nick's not Matt's.

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