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Mark Hogan

Mark Hogan was portrayed by Michael Badalucco.


Mark Hogan was a notorious bookie.

Mark Gets New HelpEdit

In October, 2010, Jeffrey Bardwell and Kevin Fisher started running money for Mark. Mark showed up at Gloworm demanding his money from Jeffrey. Mark told Kevin he had until that night to come up with the $10,000 he owed him. Chloe Mitchell distracted Gloria Abbott Bardwell by interviewing her for Restless Style while Jeffrey gave Kevin the $10,000 for Mark. Kevin dashed out with Chloe in tow. Kevin and Chloe hadn't even left his parking space in front of Gloworm when they were stopped by a police officer for expired tags.

While the cop stepped away, Chloe reached into the back seat to hid the bag of money, but she tipped the bag over just as the cop returned.After learning later that day that Kevin had been arrested, Mark warned Jeffrey that if Kevin sang to the police, it would be bad for him and even worse for Jeffrey. Heather Stevens was concerned about Kevin Fisher's arrest because it appeared that Kevin was involved with Mark, a major bookie in Genoa City. Heather told Michael Baldwin that Mark was a big time bookie with his fingers in a lot of pies.

Most betting slips in Genoa City crossed Mark's desk and since Kevin was found with the betting slips, she was hoping Kevin could give her some information to bring Mark down. Heather needed to impress her new boss with a high-profile arrest. Michael warned Heather that he wouldn't let her use Kevin to further her career. When Heather asked Kevin about the money found in the car, Kevin said he and Chloe had planned to use the cash to buy furniture. Heather said there were betting slips in the shopping bag along with the money.

Recent DevelopmentsEdit

Kevin claimed he had put the cash in the bag and didn't know anything about the betting slips. Heather asked for Kevin to tell her what he knew about Mark. Kevin denied knowing Hogan. Heather offered to make a deal with Kevin. Kevin and Chloe would receive total immunity if Kevin revealed what he knew about Mark. Kevin refused and was released.

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