Marilyn's (also called Marilyn's Cabaret) was a cabaret in Genoa City.


Marilyn's was owned by Bobby Marsino.

Marilyn's was originally called The Bayou. Nikki Reed used to strip there, and that's where she and Victor Newman met. Later it became Marsino's. After encouraging Brittany Hodges to return to the stage just to sing, Bobby turned his strip joint into a cabaret called Marilyn's (after Brittany's stage name), just for Britt.

This angered the mob boss, Bertolli Lewis, so Salvatore Staley and his thugs cornered Bobby in the club, ready to kill him to teach him a lesson. But Bobby was wearing a wire and the police hauled them off to jail after Bobby got them to admit several crimes, including the electrocution of Britt and a couple murders. Bobby, finally free of the mob, decided to "go legit" by turning Marsino's Strip Club into Marilyn's Cabaret, headlined by singer Brittany a.k.a. "Marilyn."

One night Sharon Newman followed Nikki to where she worked as an emcee at Marilyn's Cabaret.

Marilyn's was closed.


Former Employees and Roles

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