Maggie Sullivan
was portrayed by Tammy Lauren.


Maggie Sullivan was a detective with the Genoa City Police Department.

In 2006, Maggie came onto the scene in Genoa City to investigate the murder of Carmen Mesta, whose body was found behind the club Indigo. Throughout the case, she remained a force to be reckoned with and continued to search for the truth as to who killed Carmen, where she was murdered and why. She also began a relationship with Paul Williams. Suspicious of Paul's behavior, she tracked him to an abandoned warehouse. She went to the warehouse to find a person whom she believed to be Phyllis Newman imprisoned in a cage.

It was actually the psychotic Sheila Carter, who had undergone plastic surgery to look like Phyllis and whom Paul had been keeping locked up for months for Lauren Fenmore's safety. Maggie let 'Phyllis' out, only to be choked by her and left for dead. Sheila then imprisoned Paul in the cage with Maggie and shot Maggie. Sheila kidnapped Phyllis, as well as Phyllis' daughter, Summer Newman and Lauren's son, Fenmore Baldwin. Sheila took them to a hotel, where she held Phyllis and the babies for several days, during which time Michael Baldwin and Paul figured out that they could talk to Sheila via walkie-talkie.

Then Paul was able to figure out where Sheila was, and Lauren went into the hotel with a gun in her purse. After Sheila and Phyllis argued over who was whom, Phyllis shouted "Point the gun at me!", and Lauren shot the other woman--who turned out to be the real Sheila. Sheila died minutes later, and the babies were safe. Paul then visited Maggie in the hospital, and told her that when she was interrogated, she should leave Lauren and Michael out of the story, as they, like Maggie, 'stumbled into this themselves'.

Then, a fellow detective came to ask Maggie about her shooting, and Paul was asked to step outside. Maggie never told anyone of Michael's, Paul's or Lauren's involvement and she and Paul resumed dating.

Months later, Paul gave Maggie another shock when he revealed that the new Assisant District Attorney in town was his daughter Heather Stevens that he had with his ex-wife, April Stevens. The only thing was Heather didn't know Paul was her biological father. Maggie encouraged him to tell the truth which he did.


  • Suffered a major bruise on the thai in the clear spring collapse.

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