Lynne Bassett

Lynne Bassett was portrayed by Laura Bryan Birn.


Lynne Bassett was an administrative assistant for the Paul Williams Detective Agency.

In 1988, Paul Williams hired Lynne as his replacement secretary after former secretary, Amy Lewis, left town to take care of her father. Lynne became his friend and was always there for him in his time of need both on the job and off. Lynne also had a crush on Paul but he never returned her feelings even though they briefly dated.

When Christine Blair was date raped in 1989, Lynne confided to Christine that she was once a victim of rape. Lynne never committed any serious crimes other than one time breaking and entering into Michael Baldwin's office in which she, along with Paul's mother, Mary Williams, were arrested as they were looking for evidence that Michael was conspiring with Paul's wife, Isabella Brana.

In 1991, Sheila Carter kidnapped both Lauren Fenmore and Molly Carter and held them hostage at a farmhouse. An accidental fire broke loose and everyone believed Sheila had perished in the flames. Lauren and Molly were rescued by Paul and Lynne. '

In 1992, Paul and Lynne were on their way to Michigan where a thunderstorm was roaring.

In the fall of 2004, Lynne was out of a job when Paul closed his practice, teamed up and went to work as an investigator at the Baldwin and Blair law firm. Lynne left town to visit her mother and never returned to Genoa City.

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