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Leslie Michaelson
Angell Conwell as Leslie Michaelson
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by Angell Conwell
Current status Present, Contract
Duration 2010-
First appearance December 2, 2010
Introduced by Maria Arena Bell
Family Rogan
Full name Valerie Rogan (birth name)
Alias(es) Leslie Michaelson
Gender Female
Born 1985
Age 27-28
Occupation Legal Council at Jabot Cosmetics
Residence Genoa City, Wisconsin
Parents Gus Rogan
Belinda Rogan
Siblings Tyler Michaelson
Spouses Barton Shelby (2014-)
Romances Neil Winters

Leslie Michaelson is a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Angell Conwell.


Leslie Michaelson is an attorney practicing in Genoa City. She works for the Vance Abrams firm.

Recent DevelopmentsEdit

In December 2010, Leslie, Adam Newman's attorney, came to Sharon Newman and Adam's motel room and announced that police already had the photo of the mystery couple in the freight elevator. Leslie said that at least police were investigating the possibility that Skye Lockhart Newman was alive and scamming Adam. Leslie hoped Adam might have a photo of Skye wearing the shoes and carrying the purse seen in the photo, but Adam said he did not. Sharon asked about Skye's perfume and Leslie confirmed that the bottle was listed on the inventory of police evidence.

Sharon excitedly suggested checking to see if Skye had ordered a replacement bottle of the rare perfume. Adam said he'd rather prove that Skye was alive. Leslie believed the district attorney would soon announce that Adam was no longer a person of interest because the evidence was weak. Leslie added that Skye had a vendetta against Adam and had previously faked her death. Leslie later returned to the jail and visited with Adam in the interrogation room. Leslie reported that Sharon had texted her from a remote area of an island. Sharon reported that she was at the post office where the perfume had been delivered.

Leslie told an anxious Adam that it might be a while before they heard more from Sharon. Adam berated himself for allowing Sharon to venture near Skye. Leslie explained that Sharon was determined, so they couldn't have stopped her. Adam replied, "Any hope of me having a life outside of prison is all in Sharon's hands now."

In August 2012, Phyllis Newman hired Leslie to represent her in the attempted murder of Christine Blair and Paul Williams.

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