Legal Aid was a law firm for the less fortunate in Genoa City.


In 1975, Chris Brooks went to work at Legal Aid with Greg Foster. Nikki Reed was instantly attracted to Greg when she came to visit her sister Casey Reed at Legal Aid. Greg left Legal Aid and started up his own law practice.

One evening in 1977, Peggy Brooks, who was still a virgin, was raped. Chris, who had also been raped several years earlier, believed that Peggy's attacker was Ron Becker, a married man who had previously been charged with rape. Chris knew about Ron because she had lent assistance to his family through her work at Legal Aid.

Christine Blair enjoyed working as a Legal Aid attorney assisting victims of rape, spousal abuse and bad landlords. John Silva volunteered his time at Legal Aid and helped solve many cases with Christine.

In 1991, hotshot lawyer Michael Baldwin recruited up-and-coming attorney Christine Blair from Legal Aid to work with him at his firm.

In 1997, Phyllis Summers wondered why Christine (now with the last name Williams) was so interested in Sasha Green. She went to Legal Aid to see Sasha with Christine. Sasha had taken the manuscript from her bag and was offering it to Christine for $50,000. Christine wanted more information. All Sasha would say is that it would wreck lives. Christine wanted a number to call Sasha when she got the cash. Sasha said she would call Christine. Sasha left. Phyllis hid at Legal Aid. Later, Phyllis told Joni about seeing Sasha at Legal Aid. Phyllis said she followed Sasha and knew the fleabag motel she was staying at. Phyllis wondered just what Christine and Sasha were talking about! Phyllis visited Legal Aid later only to find that Christine was gone.

The receptionist said, "Sorry I don't know where or when she'll be back. By the way, are you by chance Sasha Green? Mrs. Williams thought she might be calling or stopping by and I'm supposed to get her number. Meanwhile, Christine told Paul Williams about the Sasha encounter and then they talked about Michael. Later, both of them were in a court room; Michael entered and said, "Hello Christine".


Former Employees and Roles

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