Kevin and Jana
Kevin and Jana wedding
Rikkart and O'Brien as Kevin and Jana
The Young and the Restless
Current status Divorced
Duration 2006-10
Family Fisher, Hawkes
Spouses 2008-10

Kevin Fisher and Jana Hawkes are fictional characters on the CBS Daytime soap The Young and the Restless. Kevin is the son of Tom Fisher and Gloria Abbott Bardwell. Jana is the daughter of Milian and Hannah Hawkes. Kevin is portrayed by Greg Rikarrt and Jana was portrayed by Emily O'Brien. Kevin skills involved hacking and bookkeeping. Jana was experienced in art.


When Kevin first met Jana, he owned Crimson Lights and hired Jana as a waitress. Kevin and Jana fell in love and went on adventurous date. They became the quirky couple who know one could understand, but them. They moved into the building of Kevin's half-brother Michael Baldwin, and Jana became the manager of Crimson Lights. One day, Jana disappeared and she was feared dead when her blood was discovered. This was part of Jana and her father's plan to obtain am ancient Nazi treasure. Jana kidnapped Colleen Carlton and got the decree code from her. Jana admitted that her great-grandfather had been hired by the Nazi's to inscribe a message on the treasure, and as then killed by the Nazi's because he knew too much. Jana trapped Kevin and Colleen in a walk in cooler and set on fire. Her plan was to make it look like Kevin had kidnapped Colleen and gotten trapped with her. Jana had real feelings for Kevin, but felt this was her only way out. Jana managed to escape while her father was killed by authorities.

Jana later contacted Kevin, discovering she had feelings for him, and wanted to make amends. Kevin was torn on his feelings for Jana and his hatred for her. Ultimately, Kevin decided on revenge and met Jana at a wear house. Jana pulled a gun on Kevin and he chloroformed her. Colleen, Michael, and Daniel Romalotti convinced Kevin not to kill Jana and instead she was turned over to the police. While in prison, Jana suffered from seizures from was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Jana had delusions where she believed she and Kevin were married and had two kids: Nigel and Katie. Jana managed to convince Kevin that the things she had done were caused by the tumour and he gave her the money she needed by blackmailing Gloria. Kevin forgave and supported Jana through her recovery and she was released from prison.

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