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Kevin and Chloe
The Young and the Restless
Current status Divorced
Duration 2010–14
Introduced by Maria Arena Bell
Family Fisher, Valentine
Alias(es) Chlovin
Spouses 2012–14
Children Bella Mitchell

Kevin Fisher and Chloe Mitchell, also referred to as Chlovin, are fictional characters, and a couple from the CBS daytime soap opera, The Young and the Restless. Kevin is portrayed by Greg Rikaart, and Chloe is portrayed by Elizabeth Hendrickson. Kevin is the son of Tom Fisher and Gloria Abbott Bardwell. Chloe is the daughter of Esther Valentine, and Tiny, the plumber. they have a child name Bella Mitchell

Chloe and Kevin became friends when they both ended up at a bar and talked about their messed up love lives. Chloe and her toddler, Delia Abbott, moved in with Kevin when Chloe suspected that her fiance, Chance Chancellor, was cheating on her across the hall. Chloe and Kevin soon bonded and Kevin was there when Chance really did cheat on Chloe. On her birthday he wrote her a cute birthday rap and gave her a cupcake.

Chloe and Kevin went to the opening of Gloworm together, where they ran into Kevin's ex wife, Jana Hawkes. Jana wanted to hang with them, but they told her to leave. Later on, Jana watched them have fun and smashed a glass in her hand, badly hurting her hand. Later on, a similar incident occurred when Kevin and Chloe were doing a photoshoot for Restless Style and Jana destroyed the flowers she brought for Kevin.

Chance died, and despite Chloe being broken up with him, she was really upset. Kevin comforted and took care of her and Delia. He tried to cheer her up by taking her to the harvest festival, unaware that it's where Chance took her for their first date. While there, Jana attempted to make Kevin jealous but failed, only resulting in creeping he and Chloe out.

Kevin and Chloe eventually married in March 2012 and had a happy marriage until they encountered financial difficulties. Their business venture, "Tag-And-Grab" with Adam Newman and Chelsea Lawson was a failure, leaving them bankrupt. As a result, Kevin and Chloe began thieving and stealing from rich people like Katherine Chancellor. Chloe was arrested after Detective Alex Chavez found Chloe with stolen goods. Chloe spent the night in jail and later divorced Kevin who was heart-broken.

After Delia is killed by Adam in a hit and run car accident, Chloe becomes mentally unstable and kidnaps his son, Connor Newman. Kevin remarries Chloe again to keep her out of prison. However, their marriage is tense and Chloe finally checks herself into a mental institution out of state. Kevin and Chloe make love one last time before she departs.

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