Keemo Volien Abbott

Keemo Volien Abbott is a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Philip Moon.


Keemo Volien Abbott was the son of Jack Abbott and Luan Volien Abbott. He had one half sister, Mai Volien, and one half brother, Kyle Abbott.

Christine became friends with local restaurant owner Luan. When Luan was shot by robbers at her restaurant, she pleaded with Christine Blair to find her son. Luan hadn't seen her son for years because he still lived as an outcast in their native country of Vietnam. Christine and Paul Williams found Keemo living in the jungles.

Through a series of events, Christine deduced that Jack had been Luan's lover while he was a soldier in Vietnam and had fathered Keemo. With Christine's assistance, Jack and Luan were reunited. Luan admitted that she had given birth to their son Keemo, now a grown man. Upon his arrival in Genoa City, Keemo resented his parents for abandoning him. Keemo moved in with his mom and her daughter Mai Volien. Luan told Keemo that Jack was his father, which angered Keemo, because he had always believed that his American father had deserted Luan. When Keemo learned that Jack and Luan had been separated by the war's ending, he accepted Jack as his father and eventually formed a relationship with his parents. However, Mari Jo Mason, Jack's fiancee, wasn't pleased to learn of Luan's return to Jack’s life. She began to worry about the impact this reunion would have on her relationship.

Luan married Jack. Keemo became romantically involved with his father's ex-fiancee Mari Jo. He quickly tired of Mari Jo's mind-games and ended the relationship after she paid a prostitute to sleep with him.

Luan died from a terminal illness. When Keemo learned that Jack had known that his mother was seriously ill, he accused his father of stealing precious time that he and his sister Mai could have spent with their mother. Eventually, Keemo forgave his father. To Jack's disappointment, Keemo announced that he was returning to Vietnam. Keemo left Genoa City with Mai.

After grieving over Luan's death for several months, Jack resumed his relationship with Mari Jo. By summer, Jack and Mari Jo were again engaged to marry. Keemo sent Jack a fax urging him to be leery of Mari Jo.





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