Kara Ludwig

Kara Ludwig was portrayed by Sandra Hess.


Kara Ludwig was a private investigator in Cleveland, Ohio.

In 2006, JT Hellstrom went missing. On another front with the help of Paul Williams' Cleveland private investigator contact, Kara, clues showed that the Kaplan family, including their 15 year old daughter, had been murdered and their 18 year old son George had been sought for questioning. When Brad Carlton reminded Paul how sensitive all this information was, Paul assured Brad it would be kept confidential from all except Kara, the associate he had been working with.

Paul asked Brad to tell him the rest of the story - and Brad said he would tell him everything as this wasn't just about JT anymore - the Nazis had Sharon Newman, too! Kara met Paul at a motel room and he brought her up to date on what was going on - that Brad really was George Kaplan and had been running for years because his aunt, his sister and his father had all been murdered and that he was the prime suspect though he swore he didn't do it. When Kara asked what happened to the real Brad Carlton, he told her that the real Brad had been killed in a hit and run accident while George and Brad were hiding.

George left Brad's body with his ID on it and took Brad's ID. He had been living as Brad Carlton ever since. When Kara said that perhaps Brad wasn't a bad guy, Paul said he didn't know about that but that he did feel guilty for putting people's lives in danger. The situation was out of control, not only was J.T. missing but now his friend Sharon had been kidnapped. They heard a knock at the door. When they opened it all they found was an envelope with a videotape in it. When they popped the tape into the VCR, they saw J.T. beaten and bruised in what appeared to be an abandoned warehouse.

They noticed that there's a sign that said "Willway Construction" in the background. Paul questioned why the kidnappers were being sloppy enough to get a sign like that on the tape. Kara got a phone number and Paul called Willway pretending to be interested in doing business with them and wanting to see a sample of their work. They got an address for the project in the warehouse district and left. When Paul and Kara arrived at the abandoned warehouse, they found the two chairs and the ropes that had been used to bind J.T. and Sharon but they were no where to be seen!

Kara's help was no longer needed after that. The kidnappers dropped JT off down the road from Brad's hotel room. They found Sharon and rescued her.

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