Joshua Cassen was portrayed by an unknown actor.


Joshua Cassen was the son of Elizabeth and Robert Cassen. He had one brother, Charles Cassen, who later renamed himself Bobby Marsino , and one sister Ashley Williams.

Nikki Newman started to have horrible flashbacks to accidentally shooting Joshua when she was a five year old. With Paul Williams' investigative help, Nikki recalled herself at five years old, and her best friend, Joshua, fighting over her father's gun, the gun going off and Joshua being shot. Apparently Nick Reed had buried the body behind the paint factory, and Nikki had blocked out the memory all those years until the skeleton was found. Nikki became obsessed with finding Joshua's younger brother Charles "Charlie" Robert Cassen, once Paul told her the family had moved away to Cleveland, never knowing what happened to their missing son.

One day Nikki told Bobby about it, not mentioning any names or the birthday party. Bobby said he understood. He explained that he was once a toddler named Charlie Cassen, whose five year old brother, Joshua, disappeared. His mother went into depression and became overprotective of her remaining son, and his father became an alcoholic. His family was so devastated that they moved to Cleveland. Both parents were killed in a car crash caused by his father driving drunk. Charlie was sent to live with his Uncle Al and Aunt Betty Marsino in upstate New York.

He returned to Genoa City as Bobby Marsino, a teenager that his uncle didn't want around, and was a gopher at The Bayou during Nikki's stripper days. He used to sneak out from the back and admire her from afar. Nikki was stunned to discover that Joshua was the older brother of her new business associate, Bobby. Overcome with guilt, Nikki was hesitant to tell Bobby about what really happened to his brother. Because she was stressing over it so, and Bobby was concerned about her behavior, Victor Newman finally told Bobby the truth.

Bobby had it out with Nikki, left town for a while, but returned, and Nikki showed him the home movie of Joshua from her fifth birthday party.

Bobby and his wife, Brittany Hodges Marsino, decided to name their baby Joshua after Bobby's deceased brother.




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