Jonas' (also called Jonas' Restaurant) was a nice business establishment serving food and drink in Genoa City. It had a stage with live entertainment.


Jonas' Restaurant was owned by Jonas.

Leslie Brooks owned an elegant restaurant called Allegro which she sold to Jonas. Jonas then turned it into Jonas'. Danny Romalotti, refusing to be a part of his family's cons, ran away from home as a teenager and ended up in Genoa City, where he worked as a waiter at Jonas' Restaurant with Paul Williams. Danny and Paul became friends. Danny's sister, Gina, who had shortened her last name to "Roma", came to town after getting out of prison, wanting Danny's help to reform.

For a long time Danny didn't trust her, but got her a job singing at Jonas'. Later, when Jonas decided to move on, Gina bought the restaurant and renamed it Gina's Italian Restaurant.


Former Employees and Roles