Jack and Sharon
Y&R Sharon & Jack1
Bergman and Case as Jack and Sharon
The Young and the Restless
Current status Divorced
Duration 2007–2009
Introduced by Maria Arena Bell
Family Collins, Abbott
Alias(es) Shack
Spouses 2007-2009
Children None

John "Jack" Abbott. and Sharon Collins Newman are fictional characters and a couple from the CBS Daytime soap opera, The Young and the Restless. Jack is portrayed by Peter Bergman and Sharon is Portrayed by Sharon Case. Jack is the son of John Abbott and Dina Mergeron. Sharon is the daughter of Doris Collins and grew up with modest means.

Shack is the nickname given to the relationship between Jack Abbott and Sharon Newman.



Jack and Sharon began having a romance when his wife Phyllis was having an affair with Sharon's husband Nick. The pair were equally hurt by their cheating spouses and became close friends; which later turned into romance.



Jack & Sharon She is Out Of My Life03:35

Jack & Sharon She is Out Of My Life

The Young and the Restless - Jack's Letter01:50

The Young and the Restless - Jack's Letter

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