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Ian Ward
Ray Wise as Ian Ward
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by Ray Wise
Current status Current, contract
Duration 2014—
First appearance January 23, 2014 [1]
Created by Shelly Altman
Jean Passante
Introduced by Jill Farren Phelps
Full name Ian Ward
Alias(es) John Darwin
Staniel Ward
Gender Male
Occupation Cult leader of New World Commune
Romances Nikki Newman (rape)
Children Dylan McAvoy

Ian Ward is the biological father of Dylan McAvoy with Nikki Newman. Ian Ward was a charismatic cult leader who seduced Nikki and impregnated her with his male heir. Nikki fled from the commune and gave birth to their son in a nunnery. She gave up the child for adoption to Penny McAvoy.

Arrival in Genoa CityEdit

Ian showed up at the Newman Ranch and his arrival terrified Nikki. Ian showed up at Crimson Lights to meet his son Dylan McAvoy, but Dylan told Ian that he had changed his mind and wanted nothing to do with him. Ian befriended Summer Newman and posed as a life coach. He took a photo of himself with Sunmer in an attempt to blackmail Nikki into paying him to leave town.

Nikki arrived at Ian's office wih the money he demanded, but then Dylan and Nick Newman showed up and confronted Ian about Summer. After Nick leaves, Dylan grabs Ian and threatens to kill him. Paul Williams arrives and arrests Ian for extortion. Ian hires Leslie Michaelson to represent him much to everyone's dismay. Having finally learned about Ian's presence, Victor Newman showed up and threatened to make Ian pay for what he did to Nikki. Leslie announced Ian was about to walk when Paul revealed that Nikki had taped her conversation with Ian, proving he was extorting money. Ian was then taken away by the guards.


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