Gus Rogan
Tony Todd as Gus Rogan
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by Tony Todd
Current status Former, Recurring
Duration 2013
First appearance March 15, 2013
Last appearance May 7, 2013
Created by Josh Griffith
Introduced by Jill Farren Phelps
Full name Augustus Daniel Rogan
Nickname(s) Gus
Gender Male
Born May 13,1954
Died May 7, 2013
Age 58
Cause of death Heart attack
Spouses Belinda Rogan
Romances Rose Turner
Children Leslie Michaelson
Tyler Michaelson

Augustus Daniel Rogan is first mentioned as the incarcerated unnamed father of Leslie and Tyler Michaelson. As of January 2013, Gus's case is taken on by the Innocence Foundation because he claims to have been falsely accused. Local attorney, Avery Bailey Clark is assigned as Gus's attorney. Meanwhile, Congressman Marcus Wheeler begins pressuring Tyler and Leslie about coming out of hiding and testifying against their father again to keep him in prison.

Tyler and Leslie hate their father for killing their mother, Belinda, but Leslie is too terrified to come out of hiding. As Avery gets closer to getting Gus's conviction overturned, someone attempts to kill her and Leslie believes it is one of Gus's associates. However, thanks to Avery, Leslie begins to think Gus could be innocent. Later, DNA evidence turns up that reveals implicates Wheeler in Belinda's murder, exonerating Gus. He is released from prison and Leslie and Tyler attempt to repair their relationships with their father.

Soon after, Gus suffers a heart attack and is hospitalized, while Leslie finds a box with Gus' possessions in it. She finds love letters written to him from a woman named Rose, and when Gus awakens she confronts him over them. He is later discharged from the hospital and returns to Leslie's apartment, where he reveals that Belinda knew about his affair with Rose. Moments later, Gus suffers another heart attack and is pronounced dead by paramedics. Gus is buried in Milwaukee next to Belinda.

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