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Graham Bloodworth
Graham Benson
Max Shippee as Graham Bloodworth
''The Young and the Restless''
Portrayed by Max Shippee
Duration 2017-
First appearance May 3, 2017
Alias(es) Graham Davis
Occupation Former Student at Walnut Grove
Failed actor
Former Executive Vice-President of Corporate Relations at Mergeron Enterprises
Parents Myrna Bloodworth
Brent Davis(step)
Siblings Ashley Abbott (step)
Nieces and nephews Abby Newman (step)
Robert Carlton (step, deceased)

Graham Bloodworth is a fictional character on the The Young and the Restless. He has been portrayed by Max Shippee since May 3rd, 2017. The character was originally credited as "Graham Benson".


Graham is the current companion of Dina Mergeron. He accompanied her to her meeting with Neil Winters and Devon Hamilton, and also accompanied her to Genoa City. While Dina went to catch up with her children, Graham got the suite ready for her. When Dina returned, she thanked Graham for always taking good care of her. Graham went to the bar where Gloria Abbott Bardwell flirted with him before Dina joined Graham.

Graham slowly met Dina's children (Jack Abbott, Ashley Abbott, and Traci Abbott), and granddaughter Abby Newman. At a family dinner, Dina said Graham was originally from The US and later came to Paris where he and Dina met, and he has stayed with her ever since. After the dinner, Graham pushed for him and Dina to return to Paris, even though Dina wanted to stay for a bit, saying that wasn't what they agreed on.

Graham became even more insistent and started packing Dina's things for her during which he accidentally hurt her when he grabbed her wrist too hard. Ashley came into the room after hearing Dina say "ow", and demanded to know what Graham was doing to her mother. Dina covered for Graham.

Graham presented flowers to Dina as an apology for being rough with her, and Dina graciously accepted them. Ashley called Graham and said that Dina wanted a photo album that Ashley had found, and asked Graham to come by and get it. Ashley talked Graham into staying for a cup of tea, and questioned him about the nature of his relationship with Dina.

Ashley subtly implied Graham was after Dina's money, but Graham denies it, and said he was paid well for helping Dina. Ashley asked if Graham would be happy to walk away with nothing when Dina passes away, and an offended Graham accused Ashley and the rest of the family as also being after Dina's money, citing that they had previously wanted nothing to do with her.

Graham left and returned to the room where she saw Dina and Jack. Jack left the room, and as Dina looked at the photo album, she demanded that she and Graham stay, but Graham reminded her why they had planned to leave in the first place. After Abby said goodbye to Dina, Graham went to find Abby to tell her that Dina is staying longer than originally planned.

Ashley sat down with Graham to get to know him better. Graham explains that he had loving parents, who eventually got divorced. He attended school in Paris, but fell in love with the city, so he stayed. Graham started talking about his relationship with Dina, and got emotional, so Ashley grabbed his hand in comfort. Dina saw, and made it clear she was upset with Graham, despite Graham reaffirming his devotion to Dina.

The next day, Graham and Dina reconciled. Graham made a call to Dina's lawyer to get the Will signing in order. Ashley came by to talk to Dina in the middle of the will signing, and Graham left. He went to the steam room where he encountered Gloria Abbott Bardwell, and they bonded and formed a friendship.

Jack and Ashley realized Graham had advised Dina into early retirement, so they have her a job working at Jabot. Dina made some errors that Graham corrected and told Dina about it. Jack and Ashley discovered that Dina had given Graham access to their confidential files and were upset her. When Graham had to go of of town, Dina gave Ashley Graham's room key, so she could search his place. Graham came home as Ashley was leaving, and he later learned from Dina that Ashley had lied about why she was there. Dina ended up confiding in Graham that Ashley wasn't John Abbott's daughter, but refused to tell him who Ashley's father was.

Graham overheard Nikki Newman and Victor Newman arguing about their marriage. When he got back to his room, Graham found an envelope with photos of Jack and Nikki together. He had hired someone to stalk Jack and take pictures of him. Graham addressed the photos to Victor, but said they were from Dina.

Graham was shocked when Dina questioned him about a Myrna Bloodworth. Graham lied and said she was his aunt, who he was taken care of. However, Myrna was really Graham's mother, and they were plotting revenge against Dina because she stole Brent Davis away from them. Graham informed his mother that Ashley wasn't John's biological daughter, which shocked Myrna, who doubted the claim, but Graham said he can't see why Dina would lie about that to him.

Ashley invited Graham to the party that Jack was thrown in celebration of her winning innovator of the year. There, Ashley exposed Graham Bloodworth as Graham Davis to everyone present, and that he grew up in Genoa City. Cornered, Graham furiously confessed to everything and let his anger out on Dina for breaking up his family. He called Brent his stepfather and the only father he has ever known. Stunned and confused, Dina accidentally blurted out that Brent Davis was Ashley's father. Feeling victorious, Graham proposed a toast to Ashley "The Untrue Abbott".

Graham attempted to turn everything around on the Abbotts, accusing them of rejecting Dina. They ordered Graham to leave, and he tried to convince an confused Dina to leave, but Dina said she was staying put, so Graham left by himself after they threatened to call security. When Dina got home, Graham attempted to manipulated Dina against her children. However, Dina eyes were finally opened to the truth, and when she rejected Graham's attempts to manipulate her, he finally snapped and lashed out at her for causing Brent to leave his family, and reducing him and his mother to poverty. Graham called Dina selfish, and she slapped him, declaring she wanted Graham out of her life, and attempted to call her lawyer to cut Graham out of her will. Graham took the phone away, saying he earned very cent, and Dina collapsed while trying to get Graham to give her back her phone.

Graham contemplated calling 911, but realizing what he stood to gain by Dina dying, he left the room, and put the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door. Graham called to book a cliff out of Genoa City, and planned to visit his mother to fill her in on what happened in person. As Graham headed back to his room to pack, he ran into Ashley, who made him open the door.

Crimes and Misdeeds

  • Lied about his mom being dead
  • Hired a photographer to stalk Jack and Nikki and take pictures of them [June 2017 to Sept 2017]
  • Conspiring with his mom against Dina [pre 2017 to October 12, 2017]
  • Left Dina to die after she collapsed [October 16, 2017]

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