Gil Wallace

Detective Gil Wallace was portrayed by Cassius Willis.


Gil Wallace was a detective with the Genoa City Police Department.

In 2008, Gil was working on the case of the suspicious car accident deaths of David Chow and Sabrina Costelana Newman. He handled other cases as well and eventually developed a relationship with Tyra Hamilton. Tyra may have gotten over her attraction to Neil Winters once she started dating Gil.

But Gil spotted Ana Hamilton on a missing person's bulletin put out by Yolanda Hamilton, and had to confront them to take Ana to a foster home until her custody could be straightened out. Gil had to report to the child care authorities that Ana wasn't Tyra's daughter. As a result, Gil and Tyra's relationship didn't last. This meant Ana had to be put into foster care.

Billy Abbott got his young attorney friend, Rafe Torres, to take the case, but Yolanda further complicated things by disappearing. Meanwhile Neil renewed his foster care license and he and Karen Taylor decided to marry earlier than planned to help them get custody of Ana. Their wedding was held New Year's Eve 2008 at Indigo with Victoria Newman as matron of honor and Victor Newman arriving last minute to be Neil's best man, with Olivia Winters still hoping Tyra would interrupt the wedding by declaring her love for Neil.

Neil and Karen went to court the next day and custody of Ana, but with the restriction that Tyra could only see her during supervised visits. Ana was thrilled to be back with family, but Tyra was crushed. A very skeptical Detective Gil Wallace was at Amber Moore and Daniel Romalotti's apartment after they reported a burglary. He questioned why Amber waited until the day after the break-in to call the police. As Amber argued with Gil, Daniel came in from visiting Summer Newman. He took Amber aside and reminded her that they had agreed not to call the cops! Amber ranted that there were people after her and Kevin Fisher! Gil told them to put a new lock on the door and left.

Detective Gil Wallace entered the Genoa City Athletic Club. He told Paul that he needed to come downtown — Mary Jane Benson filed stalking and harassment charges against him.

In 2009, Gil left town.

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