The Genoa City Chronicle was the main newspaper of Genoa City.


The Genoa City Chronicle was owned and edited by Stuart Brooks.

Steven Williams was a reporter for the Genoa City Chronicle. Steve fell in love with fellow reporter, Peggy Brooks, daughter of wealthy owner of the Genoa City Chronicle, Stuart. Eve Howard got a job with the Genoa City Chronicle as secretary to publisher Stuart, and also tried to help his new wife, Liz Brooks, feel more comfortable in his world by attempting to glamorize her.

In 1986, Diane Jenkins decided to pay a visit to her old friend Gary Thompson, editor at Genoa City Chronicle. As Lauren Fenmore was trying to solve the mystery of Farren Connor's true identity, Lauren plead with Gary from the Genoa City Chronicle to pull any further articles. Megan Dennison was a college student who got an apprenticeship at the Genoa City Chronicle.


Former Employees and Roles

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