Fenmore's (also called Fenmore's Department Stores) was a chain of stores with its home office located in Genoa City.


Fenmore's was founded by Neil Fenmore and was a very successful business. Neil opened his first store in New York which was closed. When he died his daughter, Lauren Fenmore, inherited it. Fenmore's was located at the bottom floor of the Jabot Cosmetics building. Fenmore's was a multigenerational boutique that sold designer clothing, wedding dresses, accessories and shoes as well as tableware. Nina Webster once gushed to Paul Williams that people flew from New York to Genoa City just for Fenmore's annual shoe sale. Fenmore's delivered packages locally.

Sharon Newman stole merchandise from Fenmore's when she was having mental health problems.

In 2010, Jill Fenmore sued Lauren Fenmore for half of Fenmore's. Jill won co-ownership of Fenmore's because Neil's will stated that his heirs would inherit the company. Since Jill had been proved to be an heir of Neil's, she was awarded her fair share of his estate.

In 2017, Jabot Cosmetics acquired Fenmore's, making it a subsidiary.



Employees and Roles

Former Employees and Roles

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