Diego Guittierez
Greg Vaughan
Greg Vaughan as Diego Guittierez
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by Diego Serrano (2001-2002)
Greg Vaughan (2002-2003)
Current status Former, Contract
Duration 2001-2003
First appearance December 18, 2001
Last appearance February 17, 2003
Introduced by Kay Alden
Trent Jones
Family The Guittierez Family
Gender Male
Occupation Waiter
Diego Serrano
Diego Serrano as Diego Guittierez
Parents Vicente Guittierez
Adela Guittierez
Siblings Raul Guittierez
Dante Guittierez
Romances Kara Blast
Sharon Newman
Victoria Newman Abbott

Diego Guittierez was portrayed by Greg Vaughan, formerly by Diego Serrano.


Diego Guittierez was the son of Adela and Vincente Guittierez. He had two brothers, Raul and Dante.

Diego's family was large, poor and of Cuban descent. Diego was a drifter who left home for years which broke his mother's heart. He was involved with a woman named Kara Blast who meant a lot to him, but she broke off the relationship.

In 2001, after being absent from his family's lives for a long time, Diego came to Genoa City to find out more about his brother Raul's diabetes problems. Raul refused to let Diego help him out when his grades started going down. Diego struggled to get around town at first, but he found help from Larry Warton who got him an apartment.

Nicholas and Sharon Newman gave him a job as a waiter at their coffeehouse, Crimson Lights. Diego also worked as a ranch hand on the Newman ranch.

In 2002, Diego regularly found himself comforting Sharon, who was having trouble dealing with her problems. Her marriage to Nick suffered when she lost a baby and caught him kissing another woman. She wanted something more than just comfort from Diego, but he refused to do anything and said he was only her friend nothing more. However, one night, Diego and Sharon made love, then felt guilty when Nick decided to work on his marriage to Sharon.

Nick's sister Victoria Newman was confused about the friendship between Sharon and Diego, so she decided to pretend to be interested in Diego in order to find out more about the situation. But Victoria ended up falling for Diego and they started a relationship. Just as they were ready to confess their love for each other, Nick found out about Sharon sleeping with Diego.

Nick beat up Diego, then cheated on Sharon again. Victoria broke up with Diego. Diego desperately tried to convince the entire family that the night he spent with Sharon meant nothing to him and that he wasn't the one who initiated it. Victoria believed him and they hooked up again. Sadly, Victoria's family wouldn't tolerate her being with Diego, so she moved out of the ranch, and the couple moved into a hotel together.

Victoria's father, Victor Newman tried to pay Diego to leave town, but he wouldn't. Victor gave Diego money, which was later stolen by two thugs who beat up Diego. Diego recovered from his injuries and was keen on getting revenge for the crime against him, completely ignoring the fact that Victoria wanted to lead a normal life with him. Diego hatched a plot with Larry to get revenge on the thugs and it worked.

In 2003, Victoria was upset over how different Diego had become and they split, causing Diego to leave Genoa City behind.

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