Curtis Fielding
Curtis fielding in victor's office
Bradley Snedeker as Curtis Fielding
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by Bradley Snedeker
Current status Recurring
First appearance October 5, 2016
Gender Male
Occupation Board Member at Newman Enterprises

Curtis Fielding is a character on The Young and the Restless portrayed by Bradley Snedeker. He is on the Board of Directors of Newman Enterprises.

Curtis and Linda Helgeson are the only two non-Newman family members on the Board. They both voted to remove Victor Newman as CEO after he was arrested for Fraud. The Board also voted unanimously to instate Victoria Newman as CEO during Victor's time in prison. However Victor was vengeful that his family testified against him and plotted to sabotage them. Victor asked his wife Nikki Newman to sign her Proxy vote to Curtis in exchange for his forgiveness. He then used Nikki's vote along with another vote from Abby Rayburn to sell Newman's cosmetics company Brash and Sassy behind Victoria's back.

After Victor's release from prison, Jack Abbott vows revenge and contacts Curtis to meet him for a tennis date. Jack begins secretly meeting with Curtis who feeds him inside information on Newman's financial difficulties. Jack leaks these damaging files to the tabloid GC Buzz.


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