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Courtney Sloan
Kelli Gross
Kelli Goss as Courtney Sloan
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by Kelli Goss
Current status Present, Recurring
Duration 2013-
First appearance April 10, 2013
Created by Josh Griffith
Introduced by Jill Farren Phelps
Alias(es) Farah
Gender Female
Born September 27,1995
Age 23
Occupation Undercover Cop
Intern at Jabot Cosmetics
High School Graduate
Residence Genoa City, Wisconsin
Parents Nathaniel Ward
Lena Morgan
Romances Noah Newman

Courtney Sloan is a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Kelli Goss.


Courtney Sloan is the best friend of Summer Newman. When Summer began developing feelings toward Kyle Abbott, Courtney helped her out to try to gain his attention to the point of creating a fake ID for Summer to sneak into the Underground, the bar operated by her father, Nicholas Newman. When Summer ran away to Chicago after overhearing that Kyle was allegedly flirting with older women during a business trip with her mom, Phyllis Summers, Courtney was the only person Summer confided in about her whereabouts, but she caves in and tells her brother, Noah Newman.

Courtney soon bumps into Noah again at the newly-created Chancellor Park and falls down while rollerblading, injuring her ankle. Noah helps her out and she soon believes that she and Noah may start dating, as she has develop feelings for him and Noah has somewhat feelings toward her. Noah finally confessed his feelings for Courtney and had their official first date at a concert. Soon, Courtney began receiving text messages from a guy named Zach. While visiting her friend, Fenmore Baldwin, he tells Summer that Courtney has been getting drugs from his drug pal, Raven.

Summer confronts Courtney about this and also begins questioning her best friend as to why she is so hesitant to share anything about her personal life, including even inviting Summer to her house. Courtney immediately denies Fenmore's accusations and couldn't believe that Summer believed a druggie prisoner over her own best friend. Noah has also been curious as to why Courtney never really opens up about her personal life as well. Noah soon finds out that Courtney is not a drug dealer, but that she is a undercover cop who helps arrest drug dealers.

Noah and Summer eventually forgave Courtney for her deception and she continued to be close to both of them. Courtney and Noah were against Summer's marriage to Austin Travers, but they did there best to support her.

Courtney was Noah's date at his parents wedding, and spent Christmas Eve with Noah and his family. On New Years Eve, Courtney was upset when Noah said he wasn't planning on getting married. Courtney asked Kevin Fisher about his feelings for Mariah Copeland. Kevin told her it wasn't the right time to Perdue anything with Mariah because of the rough year she had. Courtney told Kevin that love just comes whether you want it to or not. Later, Courtney asks Mariah if Kevin is alright, and tells her Kevin has a criminal past.


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