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Cliff Wilson was portrayed by David Cowgill.


Cliff Wilson was the adoptive father of Adam Newman.

In 1993, Hope Adams was being pursued by Cliff from the moment he met her. Cliff was extremely jealous of Hope's vast affection for Victor Newman. Despite Hope's growing feelings for Victor, she was set to marry her longtime friend, Cliff. Not wanting to complicate her life, Victor made plans to go back to Genoa City for good. However, faced with the fact that she would never again see this stranger she had grown to love, Hope called off her marriage to Cliff and agreed to travel to Genoa City with Victor! After finding out she was pregnant, Victor wanted Hope to have an abortion. Hope refused and returned to Kansas to be at Cliff's side after he'd been hurt.

Cliff made his move and convinced Hope that he could provide Hope with a secured life. Hope knew Cliff was sincere. Knowing Victor and she came from two different worlds that could never mesh, Hope stayed in Kansas for good, asked Victor for a divorce and asked to raise her son without him. Victor agreed. Hope later married ex-fiancé Cliff who made it clear to Victor that he would be known as Victor Jr.'s father. Cliff made sure that the boy had no idea that he was not the biological father. Victor Adam Wilson, more commonly known as Adam Wilson (last name due to Cliff, whom he believed was his biological father at one time) was the son of Victor Newman Sr. and his late former wife, Hope Adams.

Cliff legally adopted Victor Jr. and for the next 27 years, Victor Jr. never knew his birth father was Victor Newman. Victor Jr., known as Adam, was raised by Hope and Cliff (whom he believed to be his father) on the farm in Kansas. In 1996, Cliff died in a tractor accident. Victor went to visit him in the hospital. Before he died, Cliff told Victor not to tell Victor, Jr. about his parentage. Hope told her son about his birth father on her death bed. A Harvard-educated Wall Street stockbroker, Vic Wilson thought of Cliff as his father growing up and was resentful that Victor would abandon his own child. Adam had always believed that Cliff was his father and didn't want to believe that Victor could just abandon his child for his whole life.




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