Child Protective Services was the name of a governmental agency that responded to reports of child abuse or neglect.


Billy Abbott was at Jimmy's Bar drinking shots. He told Jimmy that he loved the place - it was the one place in town that he could kick back with no one to kill the buzz. Just then Cane Ashby walked in and stood behind him! Billy told him to go ahead and call Child Protective Services - the baby was with Chloe Mitchell!

In December 2010, Chloe, Kevin Fisher and Delia Abbott went to a Christmas tree lot to get their Christmas card picture taken. Kevin's ex-wife, Jana Hawkes, saw how much fun they were having and became jealous. In revenge, she called Child Protective Services and told them that a couple were taking inappropriate photos with a little girl. Billy was at home when he got a call about Child Protective Services and Delia. Kevin and Chloe are stunned when Child Protective Services shows up at their door. At Chloe and Kevin's apartment, Chloe demanded to know who called Child Protective Services and Kevin reminded her to keep her voice down.

The woman explained that someone called to say they were traumatizing the child by taking inappropriate photos. Chloe and Kevin protested and explained the shoot at the Christmas tree lot. The woman spoke to Delia and saw the photos and deemed it a false report. After she left, they wondered who did it. Chloe pointed out that Jana was there. Just then, Billy came to the door demanding to know what was going on. Chloe told him the whole story. Billy thought Kevin was a lousy influence and questioned their ‘family’ portrait. Chloe hissed that they weren’t sleeping together and the photos were a joke.

Kevin excused himself. Billy apologized to Chloe for overreacting. She said she got it and wonders sometimes why she was living there with Kevin. Jana wandered into Gloworm and approached Gloria Bardwell who reminded her that she broke her son’s heart and she was not the forgiving type. Kevin walked in and approached Jana. He angrily told her someone called CPS. Jana played dumb and then confronted him about offering to raise Daisy Carter’s baby – he’ll "never be free of her!" she ranted. Chloe arrived and asksed Kevin what Jana said.

He said she denied being the caller.

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