Cheslea 2.0 (formerly known as Chelsea by Jabot) started out as a fashion company division that Chelsea Lawson and Chloe Mitchell founded together. The women purchased the abandoned building of Restless Style, and turned it in to there office. After Chloe left town, Chelsea became the sole owner, and it was renamed Chelsea by Jabot because of it is collaboration with Jabot Cosmetics. The divine gained some notereity when it hosted a fashion show and employees from Forrester Creations attended the fashion show. After the failed partnership between Jabot and Newman Enterprises, both sides engaged in a bidden war for control of Chelsea's company. Newman had a clause in their contact that forced Chelsea to work for Newman, but she was eventually released from her contract, and Chelsea renamed her company Chelsea 2.0.

Chloe is an Off Again Employee

Sharon worked at the office until Sullivan-Christian Newman truth came

Mariah got resigned

Sage worked for Chelsea until her death in car accident with sharon involved

Gloria worked until she left town to explore paris with her now ex-husband Jeffrey Bardwell

Known Employees

Known associations

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