The Ashby clan (Lily Winters, Cane Ashby, Mattie and Charlie) were nestled in a home at 1101 Lavetta Terrace where they endured a paternity scheme involving Chloe Mitchell, Billy Abbott and baby Delia Abbott; Lily's cancer and an Australian mob threat to their precious family.

Cane neglected to inform Lily that the ruthless Mafia kingpin who was targeting the Ashby family was in fact his father, Colin Atkinson. Once Tucker discovered Cane, with reluctant assistance from Sofia Dupre, were embezzling Mccall Unlimited funds to pay off the Australian mobsters, he fired them both and considered pursuing criminal charges. Meanwhile, Colin pursued a romantic relationship with Jill Abbott, Cane's surrogate mother, and the two planned to marry in early 2011. However, Cane ended up getting shot on the church steps just as Colin claimed his bride and was supposedly fatally injured. What no one knew was that it was really Cane's twin brother, Caleb, who was killed and Cane had faked his death to bust Colin. Lily mourned her husband's death and even began seeing sights of him, though no one believed her.

Eventually, Lily committed herself into a psychiatric facility while Cane plotted with his diabolical mother, Genevieve, to bring down the Atkinson crime synidate. Genevieve held Colin responsible for the death of Samantha, their youngest daughter who was slain during a brawl between Cane and a sadistic Caleb. Lily and Cane were able to reconcile after months of being separated, but Lily had legally ended the marriage by this point. Cane proposed they remarry and Katherine Chancellor arranged for the couple, along with their loved ones, to fly off to France and wed on the grounds of a picturesque estate.

Cane was appointed CEO of Chancellor in April 2013 and must contend with Jill battling him for control as Lily grows closer to Jabot graphic designer, Tyler Michaelson. 

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